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The high cost of interracting with customers online

If you’re running a business and don’t know anything about Social Media, first, who are you? How can that be? Second, don’t be fooled into thinking you can “get by” with little-to-no budget for content, strategies, and social CRM. It’s a big job, and you will fail faster than you will succeed. And failing is sticky in social networks. What’s your reputation worth?

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Managing Social Media: In-house versus Outsource

Nothing gets the social media communities more kicked up then the debate over whether businesses should absorb social media internally or outsource (outhouse?) the entire thing to an agency partner.

I have heard all arguments for the merits and limitations from both sides—and most agencies will offer very passionate and unsolicited argumentative advice that the only sensible thing to do is outsource your entire process to them. I’m sure they’ve told you this—they are the social media experts after all.  And why wouldn’t they? You are their next business opportunity.

But why does it have to be an either/or decision?  As a Social strategist—I aim to educate, offer fresh ideas, and then leave the tools behind with the door wide open.  Maybe it’s the philosophical in me… you know, the whole teach-a-man-to-fish thing.

I understand the real-world limitations. Not wanting to divert people from their existing responsibilities, or even having to hire new staff. I can empathize with learning curves, and I certainly don’t expect busy professionals with (already) full workloads to invest the kind of time and money that I (and other colleagues) have done into learning about social media, or to be anything close to as engaged as some of us are on a daily basis. And I can even appreciate old dogs not wanting to learn new tricks.  But I believe the merits outweigh the limitations in this debate—primarily in opportunities alone.

The opportunity exists for you to really own your social media investment. Own the strategy, own the day-to-day learnings, know how to handle the tools, and learn first-hand from your mistakes. Your customer is not out-sourcing their role as your consumer, and they are engaging and connecting in the social web at unprecedented rates. Don’t risk becoming less connected with your customers, own the behaviour insights that only familiarity will give you.  Your company can’t afford to be headed in any other direction—no matter how practical the limitations of in-house may seem to you.  It’s time to learn and lead.

This is where it doesn’t have to be an either/or decision. Investing in a Social Media strategist up-front can make all the difference for long-term Social Media implementation. Strategists can teach you the tools, train your team members, and make recommendations as to which core processes should be managed in-house. Strategists help with the plan and execution—in whatever capacity your business needs.  Learn how, when and where to fish.

Keep that strategist in your pocket and put yourself on the path of practical learning and enriched understanding.  Today’s business environment is socially connected—who’s telling your brand story?

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Brand storytelling goes Hollywood

When you’re competing with the entire world in digital content, the only way to rise to the top is to be authentic, creative, and powerful when telling your story.

Canon took on Hollywood to help tell their story.  Canon users submitted photos, eight were selected as finals, and Canon challenged legendary film producer, Ron Howard,  to create a short film based on the photos.  The result was a campaign that captivated Canon users and inspired their creativity and imagination to contribute photos, and also to become a part of something seemingly unreachable—Hollywood.   Pure gold.  (The power of the Internet.)

Emotion affects consumer behavior, marketing 101, right?  If you tell a great story that evokes great emotion, you are imprinting your brand in the minds and hearts of your consumers.  They will feel connected to you.  They will share.  Your community will grow.  You will rise to the top.

Digital storytelling is an ideal method of escaping the sales & marketing punch that brand communities always seem to feel like they’re dodging.  And they are.  You’re guilty of pushing sales down your social channels, admit it.  You may think you’re clever about it, and you may pat yourself on the back about being some sort of stealthy social marketing ninja, but your community is smarter and more socially savvy than you think.  If your motives aren’t true, they will know, and they will move on to another brand who is.

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Sometimes you need to take on the Old Spice guy

On social media, brands don’t simply have personalities; they have relational personalities. They interact with customers, but also with each other. There’s a fine line between appropriate wit and train wreck, and most brands keep their voice small, safe and politically correct to avoid crossing that line. But for those who consistently get it right—the entire world is your audience.

How Taco Bell shows personality and brand cojones on Twitter:


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