Current WIP

CLAN: It’s done. This bitch has been buttoned up, put to bed. Finito. At last. Phew. A Suspense Thriller with sci-fi, horror and fantasy, clocking in at just over 108,000 words.  Now, let’s get out there and see what’s what.


Tentatively titled, CLAN, I’m sitting at around 103,000-ish words for this novel. After having the wise and extraordinary editor, Jeff Seymour, give it a read and provide his magical advice, I’m on my last edit before submission.  (If you’re reading this Jeff, don’t judge me for not having them done already.)

Next steps…

  1. Finish these goddamned edits.
  2. Write a query letter.
  3. Stop being so f*cking lazy and get to those edits.
  4. Query agents.
  5. Those scene updates won’t write themselves!
  6. Cross fingers.

Let’s GO!