I write stuff, I do stuff, and I snark about stuff. Sometimes I dye my hair blonde.



Other stuff you may or may not want to know:

I’m the mother of two (a son and a daughter) and have raised them on my own.

I own my own home.

I drive a truck.

I’m currently writing a novel.

I laugh at my own jokes. (Probably harder than I should.)

I’m well-loved.

I’m afraid of moths.

I daydream about shooting arrows and mounting horses like Legolas Greenleaf.

I cuss a lot.

I read every night when I get into bed.

As a kid I had my Fonzie, Captain Kirk, and Luke Skywalker action figures drive around looking for adventure in a Barbie camper.

I’m a decent cook.

I always have a dog.

I have held many jobs, in many different industries.

My dance moves are stuck in the 90s.

and, I snort when I laugh.

I have learned that I am me; and I can only do the things that I can do.  My past is a winding road of bad decisions and selfish choices, but I own the path. And I have come to love me—emphatically. This blog chronicles my adventures, journals my passions, and vents the crap that pisses me off.

C’mon in.


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  1. Liane

    I’m an uber-fan!! xo