I write stuff, I make stuff, I watch stuff. I snark about everything else.


Other stuff you may or may not want to know:

  • I’m afraid of moths.
  • I cuss a lot. Fuck it, I’m not sorry. I’m also Canadian.
  • I live with a Great Dane named George Henry. He’s a clumsy jackass and also stupid cute. (He ate my sofa AND my bed, but then looked really sorry about it. He’s not sorry.)
  • I’m a sci-fi, fantasy, suspense thriller and supernatural horror geek.
  • I hug trees.
  • I’m a terrible housekeeper.

Other lesser known abilities available for hire…

  • walk your dog,
  • buy your groceries,
  • give you massages (PG-rated only, of course, and I don’t touch feet),
  • build you a deck,
  • teach you new cuss words,
  • pour concrete,
  • punch bees (no bees are actually harmed during the punching process),
  • mow your lawn,
  • taste-test meals sent from your enemies,
  • plant your garden,
  • build you a Lego village,
  • change the oil in your car,
  • sing you to sleep (although my fees for that one are particularly steep),
  • alphabetize your canned goods,
  • yell at your children (I’m highly skilled at this),
  • blow up balloons,
  • Internet-stalk your ex’s new partner

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  1. Liane

    I’m an uber-fan!! xo