I write stuff, I make stuff, and I watch stuff. I snark about everything else.


Other stuff you may or may not want to know:

I’m a mother.

I own my own home.

I drive a truck.

I’m always “currently writing a novel” (Who isn’t, am I right}

I tried the cancer thing. (It didn’t stick.)

I’m afraid of moths.

I daydream about having superpowers. Or mounting a horse in the flavour of Legolas Greenleaf. (Having a bestie like Gimli wouldn’t be half bad either.)

I cuss a lot. Fuck it, I’m not sorry.

I’m the responsible owner of a Great Dane whom I simultaneously both love and hate more than anything. (He ate my sofa AND my mattress, but then looked really sorry and adorable.)

I’m a science-fiction, fantasy, and supernatural horror addict. Seriously, books, films, series… it’s a huge time-suck problem.

I’m a nature-loving tree hugger.

I crave knowledge and life-long education.

I’m a terrible housekeeper.

I snort when I laugh.

I’ve worked as a photographer, real estate agent, blogger, magazine editor, customer service manager, advertising executive, IT administrator, barista, construction labourer, social media marketing director, programmer, call center agent, sales rep, software trainer, legal secretary, maid, author, landscape tech, business consultant, and newspaper delivery girl. Not necessarily in that order.

I have an extrovert shell that protects an introvert core.

I have made a lot of bad decisions.

But I like myself anyway.



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  1. Liane

    I’m an uber-fan!! xo