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The Uber-friend Buzz: Candace Bowen Early

When I think romance novelist, I imagine a dazzling woman in a satin gown and white gloves who delicately weaves tales of delicious emotional justice and unconditional love through a ruby-encrusted laptop while sipping champagne and eating bon-bon’s.   Glamorous, right?  Right, Candace?

I tried to find such photos as proof on Candace Bowen Early’s FB page, but there were none to be had.  If glam and glitz go hand-in-hand with romance writing, Candace is hiding it from the world.  What I did find was a down-to-earth woman plucked from the streets of Chicago who wipes noses, attends monster jams and plans to live forever—or at least until the Cubs take a World Series.   

Candace catapulted into a writing career on March 17, 2008—precisely—when she was struck with the idea for her first novel, A Knight of Silence.  Since publishing that novel, she went on to write, Spur of the Moment, (to be published spring 2012), and has finished, Jack of Hearts, which she currently has out for representation.  But she’s not stopping there, oh no.  Take a look for yourself.  http://www.knightseries.com/

I’ve read an interview or two that tells me Candace is the ‘voice’ of historical romance.  Her writing can transport you to another time—leaving the grit of the castle walls on your skin when you’ve put her book down.  Sweet!  Sign me up for castle grit—I’ll take mine to go please.

When she’s not stalking the medieval or hobnobbing with publishers and editors, you might find Candace loitering on a sunny Florida beach with a bag of M&M’s.

Thanks for your friendship Candace!


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