Are Facebook friends real friends? If so, what have you done for me lately?

I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about all 2,400+ of my FB friends—on my personal page.  Most of us know that “Facebook” friendship is not the same as “personal” friendships—although there may be a few that have come to believe that I should babysit their kids or loan them fifty bucks.  We live in a “digital” space more than a “people” space now, so it’s possible the lines are blurring—but just to be clear—I’m still not lending you fifty bucks.

This community of friends we’ve built is a sort of fellowship of like-minded artists.  Each of us is a bit like Frodo out on a solo journey with countless dangers—and yes, ring-wraiths and soap-deprived orcs are out there waiting for us.  You know who they are.  Together, we can form a powerful alliance.  What say you? 

I’m going to start posting about some of my “friends” in order to get to know the fellowship better.  It will be a short and sweet scoop of their professional and personal information—although no stalker-friendly personal information will be given.     

If you’d like to be featured, join me on FB and send me a note, or join the discussion on the Uberscribbler fan page wall by posting the words “do me”—just because I’m immature that way.  C’mon, don’t be coy.  You know you want the exposure.  A few more eyeballs on your work couldn’t hurt.  It may not be five minutes of fame—but five minutes of fun is worth it, isn’t it?  What’s the catch you ask?  I’m going to write it.  Don’t send me a stuffy, professional prepared bio.  Nobody wants to read that—especially me, and I won’t post it.  I’ll get everything I need from your FB profile—I promise to be respectful—although it would help if you had a good sense of humour. 

So, let the Uber-friend Buzz begin!    I can’t WAIT to start getting “do me” emails from my “friends.”  After I stop giggling, I’m going to do you! 



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