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Some porn with your Twitter? Nah… not today, thanks. I’m full.

It looks like Microsoft has just unlocked the idiot badge with Bing.  They’ve allowed the “mouse-over” technology to bring porn and virus sabotage to a hard drive near you.   You no longer have to worry about clicking on the wrong link—just move your mouse around the screen and the wrong link will find you.  No more struggles with your conscience about whether you should click that smutty link—just for a peak.  New windows will pop open automatically and the pleasures of all the nefarious offerings of the internet will be presented to you—in full, riveting colour. 

I was just sitting here wondering how I could get a new state-of-the-art search engine that turned off content filtering and left me as vulnerable as a baby bird in a cornucopia of pornography.  I mean, who wants that in their history, right?  Then, I thought, how could I exploit this technology—if I were a hacker—and cause some extreme spamming mayhem on Twitter this morning?  Awesome.  Thanks Microsoft.    


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