The Uber-friend Buzz: Liane Carruthers

You might think that the Irish Leprechaun of lore is a withered old man who chases rainbows in gnarly buckled shoes—and you might be right.  But, let me tell you a little something about the Advertising Leprechaun—she has GREAT shoes and a healthy amount of Bieber-fever.

Liane Carruthers is no solitary creature.  And, might I add, there is nothing gnarly or withered about her.  As a matter of fact, Liane takes the GOLD in the Olympic events of smiling and plain ol’ gosh-dang cuteness—every year.  She is an energetic, infectious, and powerfully contagious woman who uses her powers for good.  Rarely seen angry, this sweet sprite-like Polkaroo chooses words like “miffed” to express her extreme displeasure and has the magical ability to spring-up from the shadows just when you need her the most—she can leap small buildings and balance herself endlessly on the points of her Jimmy Choos.    

This supermom and bargain-sniffing sleuth is everyone’s ideal BFF.  Sweet-tempered and sensitive with a generous trusting nature, she exploits the best of you.  Her doe-eyed innocence can camouflage her Leprechaun trickery—so tread cautiously.  She’s been known to be a fireball of mischief from time-to-time. (It’s always those smiley ones you have to watch out for.)  If it’s simply a vacation pal you’re after, Liane is always game for travelling to sunny destinations to get those “must have” beach-sand pedicures.  Special note to Mr. Clooney—it is purely coincidental that she happens to vacation in the same places as you.  Leprechauns don’t stalk.  It’s Irish law.

In her career, Liane is something of a media genius and has miles of experience in advertising and publishing to prove it.  She’s the ideal candidate for any media task you might have—big or small—and she’s also great at parties.  If you should have the opportunity to work with Liane in real life one day—as I have—take it. 

Just don’t rub her for luck.  She doesn’t always like that.



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2 responses to “The Uber-friend Buzz: Liane Carruthers

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  2. Liane

    Hee, hee. Gosh darn…I’m blushing!

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