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John Oliver and Transgender Rights: Everyone Poops

“It is no more OK to ask transgender people about their sex organs, then it would be to ask Jimmy Carter whether or not he’s circumcised.”

“Which by the way, he is.”

“Smooth like a boiled carrot.”

John Oliver spends just over 16 minutes delivering a sarcastically gritty commentary on Transgender rights in a why-can’t-I-articulate-the-pure-aweseomeness-that-flows-from-his-mouth kind of way.

Gender identity should be assumed and invisible in the same way that you identify as being alive.

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Net Neutrality: Preventing Cable Company F*uckery

This video is never going to get old. Thanks to John Oliver from Last Week Tonight, who is (as usual) spot on.

“Turn on CAPS lock and fly my pretties!” – John Oliver

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