Skinny Bitch, Skinny Lies: Beware of vegan and vegetarian agenda


Remember when Oprah exposed James Frey’s Million Little Lies… er, Pieces? The latest New York Times best seller, Skinny Bitch, is following in those footsteps as public skepticism turns to anger at the self-proclaimed “know-it-all” author who is selling her biased opinion (along with misinformation) to a hungry audience desperate for weight-loss. (Can you tell that irks me?) I mean, the strong should protect the weak, shouldn’t they? Tell the whole truth, and nothin’ but? Who’s with me? I’m all for a good novel, but if it’s your opinion you’re writing about, be upfront and honest and let people know that they need to research what’s right for them. Don’t sell your opinion as the gospel of how to get skinny… that’s like waving crack under the nose of an addict. And SKINNY? Aren’t we trying to stop perpetuating the need for “skinny” to our young? Perseus Books publishing house should be ashamed of themselves (and renamed Cuckoo Books) for not vetting and fact-checking their non-fiction works. Gah!

Here’s an article titled, Setting the Skinny Bitches Straight, that made me shout Hells Yeah! after every paragraph. And it was written by a skinny bastard too.



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3 responses to “Skinny Bitch, Skinny Lies: Beware of vegan and vegetarian agenda

  1. Bob

    Irrelevant and small minded.

  2. Anonymous

    this article is empty and provides no facts or information in itself. it’s just a rant. the books is clear and logical and makes a valid point. this does not… in any way. and you are doing just what you claim the author is doing… stating your opinion as a fact. seems quite hypocritical to me. what we don’t like in others is usually something that we are blind to in ourselves.

    • Much like “Million Little Pieces”, the book is well-written, however, this book is marketed in self-help, inferring it’s an authority in non-fiction. I’m taking a leap here and assuming you know the difference between fiction and non-fiction in the publishing industry. And that you also understand news reporting online – be it opinion or objective pieces, are not the same as publishing and marketing a book to the masses for profit. The opposing facts in the linked article, are of course, not written by me, but are vetted as actual scientifc facts. Google them.

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