The Alaska Whisperer — Sarah Palin Reality TV

Sarah Palin has been shopping around with Mark Burnett, the producer of Survivor, for a reality TV show.  I suppose the 2008 comedy-of-errors we called a presidential election wasn’t real enough TV for us.  But who can refuse all Palin — all the time?  I get goosebumps with the anticipation of it.  Every time this media diva opens her mouth — something tragic escapes it.    She’s a train wreck.  How can you not stand transfixed by this political abomination that the Republican party vomited into our very own living rooms?  You know it’s wrong to watch — but you just can’t help yourself.  That is the recipe for good reality TV.  One part WTF? and one part bewilderment as you watch her backpedal her way out of that WTF in the course of an hour.  That’s show business folks. 

John Doyle recently reported on Palin’s urge to get into reality TV and says that “the more ordinary, unthinking and unsophisticated you are, the better.”  Well, that secures her time slot then.  Sarah Palin is going to make really good TV.    But what are they going to call it?  

I know that right this minute there are middle-aged keyboard warriors — all over the world — hunkering down in their parents basements pounding out their personal suggestions to each other in their Palin community chat sites, so I need to get a head start.  

The Biggest Loser — yeah, it’s been done, but it’s catchy, no?
My Life on the D-List — yeah, I know, but Kathy Griffin might just hand that one over.
Survivor: Palin vs Alaska — it’s just got that villain and hero feel to it.
Are you Smarter than a Sarah Palin? — I’m not suggesting she quit school in grade 5 when it started to get hard, I just wouldn’t say that.
Alaska’s got Palin — America’s got talent, so does Britain.  And Alaska, well, they got Palin.
Sarah Palin: Mindfreak — Criss Angel’s got nothing on her.
The Alaska Whisperer — well, just ’cause it makes me giggle.
Sarah Palin Family Tools — Gene Simmons got the jewels, but I don’t know, can a family member be a tool?  Is that good TV?
I Survived a Sarah Palin Election — I think I’d rather survive a Japanese game show.
The Quit Factor — The irresponsible leading the irresponsible.
Last Palin Standing — A family showdown for the media spotlight.
My Big Redneck Beheading —  a violent, trauma inducing witch-hunt by the Alaskan people.
Sarah Palin goes to Hollywood — swag bag bully’s and red carpet sneaks

Now, if only I hadn’t stepped down from my job as forum moderator in the Palin chat site community — I might have been a contender.


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