Photography Exhibit Postponed

A great big Thank YOU to everyone who has been involved with the Understanding Meets Hope Photography Project!  It has taken considerable courage for the subjects to come forward, welcome me into their homes, and have conversations with me regarding their disease, treatment and their emotional health along the way.  Some moments of the conversations have been harder than others, and at those moments these people have selflessly allowed me to photograph their feelings in order to capture some “truths” about what a diagnosis with cancer (or any life threatening disease) can mean when not covered up with humour and bravery.  To Mike, Mark, Peggyanne and Beth… words don’t seem adequate enough to express what my heart holds for you.  I came to your homes to take your photograph …and left with far more. 

I believe in this project and sometimes underestimate its importance… even if just to me.  I may have also underestimated the amount of time that should be invested and given to people considering this project for themselves.  Since there is no rush, l have recently decided to postpone the exhibit date in order to find a few more subjects for the final display.  In the end I want to be comfortable knowing that I did everything I could to get the word out and offer the opportunity to everyone.

Keep checking back for a new Exhibit date! …and thanks for being along for the ride. 



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2 responses to “Photography Exhibit Postponed

  1. bob

    I wish I could write this well! great blog thanks.

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