Understanding meets Hope: A photography Exhibit

understanding meets hopeImages contribute to how we see ourselves, how we define and relate to the world, and what we perceive as significant or differentI decided to document the emotional cancer journey of strangers in order to capture the naked truth of it and then display it out in the open in an April 2009 exhibit for all to see.  Still images overcome boundaries of language, skin colour, age, religious beliefs, education and socio-economic levels.  It is simply put… people looking at people.


The importance of revealing the impact of the emotional cancer is to remove some long associated assumptions with this disease as well as help those that have not been afflicted to no longer fear its mystery and become dilligent in their early detection.   Early detection is our most powerful weapon against this disease.


I have enlisted the media’s help in order to help me find willing subjects.  Those who are suffering and even those who are dying.  I would also like to include folks that are getting better and some who have come through it but still carry it’s weight from time to time.  I need these same people afflicted with the disease or those suffering its effects to allow me to capture their deepest and sometimes darkest moments and be willing to share those moments captured with others in order to teach truth and hope.  It will not be an easy task to persuade people to come forward, but hopefully in appealing to them and their families, they will allow me (with my unique perspective and understanding) to include them as part of an incredible journey of hope.


I have 3 TV interviews coming up in the next few weeks to aid in my plight for volunteers.  (I hope to stream in some video should it be recorded.)  If you know of anyone who would be willing to participate in this project, please give me a call or send me a note.  Thanks.



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  1. Mark

    My love – I’m speechless – you still to this day WOW me

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