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The two-for-two forward campaign.

Two questions — two minutes.  It sounds simple enough.  Do you think that you can get a really good sense of who someone is in about two minutes — with just two questions?   I’m suggesting going beyond first impressions and the ol’ judging-a-book-by-its-cover theory.  If you were able to ask a total stranger only two questions about themselves — in order to grasp the kind of person they are — what two questions would you ask?  What if you asked those questions — received the benefit of their wisdom — and then asked them to come up with the next two questions for the next stranger?  And what strangers would you pursue?  With the current technology and our social media indulgence, we have the availability to rub knuckles with, literally, anyone in the world.  How long would it take to get the whole world asking questions if we all spent two minutes — asking two questions?

I can almost hear Arsenio Hall saying “Hmmm…” 

Maybe I’ll start with him.  I wonder what his questions will be for the next person?


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