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Bill Cosby: My wife was a beautiful woman… before the children came.

My oldest is graduating high school this year and heading off to college in the fall.  In the last six months he has gone from an innocent baby of 5 minutes old… to an experienced man of the world.  There have been a lot of firsts for both of us this year.  And as I cling to the shreds of my sanity whilst helping him to navigate this new stage of his life—I’m reminded of an old Bill Cosby bit. (Yes, I’m that old. )

Funny how these things get stuck in your head after all these years.  I had the original record—Himself—from 1982 as a teenager and used to play it after dinner in my room on my fancy new York stereo turntable. You know, before TV? As a teenager, I thought this was hysterical for an entirely different set of reasons. Oh, the innocence of my youth.

Now, back to my current read…



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