Pet Peeve #1

I’ve never been one for keeping lists, however, in lieu of the frustration and anger that eats away at me after experiencing impolite encounters with strangers, I’ve decided to document a list in order to cleanse myself in a purposeful vent.

SO… It’s a daring and wanton Saturday night and I had decided to walk to the corner store to treat myself to a soda before I nestle down in my pyjamas to watch a movie.  It’s busy at the store and I stand in line waiting for my turn to pay for it.  The man behind the counter is quite friendly and he asks me how I’m doing while he rings in my single purchase.  Before I can respond,  the woman behind me reaches PAST me to place her purchases on the counter.  Now it’s a small space, not like the large belt of a grocery store where the empty black vastness of it stretches out behind you just begging to have things put on them, I’m talking very little maneuvering room, so her soda and candy bar are staring me in the face and I have to reach around them, quite literally, to pass the friendly man the money to pay for my soda.  Not only is her stuff in my way, but she has taken up position beside me at the counter, squeezing her generous frame into a very uncomfortable personal space issue for me.  When I turned to look at her, she is staring me dead in the face with her arm draped over the debit machine as if to say “come on lady, git er done”.  I mean it’s one soda I’m buying –  not one of everything in the store!  Is she kidding me breathing down my neck with her impatience?

I look back to the friendly man at the counter, he raises his eyebrows and shrugs to me acknowledging the ignorance of the hillbilly behemoth apparently loose in our neighbourhood.  So I  say to him, as politely as I can muster, “well it looks like she is in a bit of a hurry” which seems to me to be an innocent observation, and definately much kinder than what the younger me would have said.   The friendly man nods and gives me a smile while Gargantua remains oblivious  – still boring holes into the side of my head with her jelly donut glazed eyes.

I’m not sure if she really was in a hurry to get someplace, or she just could not wait to cram that KitKat between her bloated lips.  I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. (Hooray for me.)

But if you’re reading this… you oversized, ignorant and mannerless barbarian… mind my personal space.  Wait in line for your own turn like the rest of us, and keep your disrespectful nose OUT of my turn.  You are not better than me, you are not more important than me, your time is not more valuable than mine.   It’s basic variety store etiquette you Neanderthal.  Evolve already.

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