Note: Rates are based on standard length manuscript pages of 250 words.  To calculate the number of standard size pages, multiply your word count by 4 divided by 1,000.  Eg.: a 100,000-word manuscript is 400 standard length pages; a 50,000-word manuscript is 200 standard pages.

The flat fees are as follows:


First Ten Pages Critique: $45

First Fifty Pages Critique: $250

Partial Manuscript Critique:

  • 1-99 pages: $6.00 per page
  • 100-199 pages: $4.00 per page

Full Manuscript Critique (minimum 200 pages): $3.75 per page

Fiction Synopsis Critique* (one page, single-spaced): $50 (Note: this includes reviewing up to three revisions)

Query Critique$30

Proof Check! Upload the first five pages of your book and see if it’s been proofread to perfection: $20

The easiest and cheapest way to send your manuscript is to email it as an attachment and mail your cheque separately, adding 10 cents per page (includes hst) for printing your manuscript and for return postage.

Your manuscript will be marked-up with detailed comments in the margins and on the backs of pages so that you can see exactly where you’re doing something right and where  you’re doing something wrong and how to fix it.

Formatting Requirements:

Before submitting your document, please format as follows:

  • Your query letter and your synopsis should be single spaced. Everything else should be double spaced.
  • Use Times New Roman 12-point font.
  • Margins should be one inch all around.
  • Remove all automatic paragraph spacing. No spaces between paragraphs.
  • Include your last name and page number in bottom left of footer.
  • Files must be in Word (.doc or .docx) format only.
  • For partial or complete manuscript critiques, send only a title page (title and author name) along with the actual chapters. Do NOT include acknowledgments, copyright page, dedication page, note from author, bibliography, or any other additional pages of material. If it’s important to you to have your Foreword, Introduction, or Afterword critiqued, you can include that.