[Redacted] at the cottage means no more Soap-on-a-Rope

Word count:  400 approx

Type: Blog post (ghostwriting for retail product company blog) *Company and product names redacted.


Hello August, it’s cottage time! Ah, the sweet cottage life.  Mosquito nets, fishing boats, bonfires and lazy afternoons curled up with a good book.

My grandparents had a cottage in Bobcaygeon and as a wee child, those early cottage experiences have set the precedent in my mind of what a trip to the cottage means.  Handmade quilts, stacked bunk beds built into long corridor walls, and a woodsy hill straight down to the lake where a sketchy old dock stood sentry—with the mandatory missing plank that one had to jump over to get to the aluminium boat tied at the other end.  Many a day I sat in that little boat, liberating my grandfather’s fishing bait to the lake—one worm at a time—shouting “you’re free” after each deposit.  Well, that is until my mother would catch me and scrub me down within an inch of my life with that ever-present soap-on-a-rope necklace of hers.

These days, cottage experiences like those exist only in my memory.  My children have never known a soap-on-a-rope—they know the [redacted] glove. [Redacted] at the cottage is a no-brainer. Whether you rent, own or borrow one for a few days, the advantages of [redacted] at the cottage seem endless. Saves space in the car from having to lug bottles and cleaners—each with a specific task. It also saves space in the cottage and let’s face it, cottages seem to be getter smaller.  There’s also no toxins in the lake or in the water and septic systems, which is HUGE for the environment. There’s less garbage to worry about when you’re packing up and you don’t waste any precious cottage time with hours of cleaning. It’s EASY, FAST, ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY and it really works.

Try boat cleaning with the [redacted]. Take advantage of spectacular views with the [redacted] or our [redacted] on windows. Clean desks with our floor system and [redacted]. BBQ’s come back to life with our [redacted], and don’t forget your personal body [redacted], [redacted] and [redacted]—you can still bathe in the lake like the good ol’ days.


Enjoy your cottage vacation this summer, put [redacted] in charge.