PEOPLE Commitment is the Game-Changer of Change

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Anthropologists and experts in organizational behavior use the concept of “culture” to describe how members of groups understand their world and their place in it.  It is difficult to argue against the notion that “culture” is a prominent and fundamental consideration when combining organizations.  The greater the frequency and magnitude of change—the more important leadership and culture become.

Successful merger integration demands significant change on the part of both the acquiring and the acquired organization—it is not about acculturation—but rather the creation of a new combined culture.

Company leaders play a vital role in the success of this change by setting the preliminary groundwork for positive cultural fit.  In [redacted] post, [redacted], she observed, “Senior leaders from the acquiring bank were present at both events and shared personal experiences related to change; this one, and other changes that they experienced in their pasts.”  [Redacted] witnessed the benefits of smart leadership in their vital role first-hand.

Good leaders can be especially adept at aligning organizational cultures that may be very different between the merging organizations.  When employees are convinced that leaders genuinely care about them, they become more open and willing to make the necessary transitions.  By providing the resources they need, and by being present—these leaders are providing the positive employee perception that is crucial to a successful change.

What leaders do during mergers and acquisitions has a significant impact on how employees of both organizations react.  Leaders that promote a sense of community and purpose with pro-active support have committed to the change and have demonstrated openness to the change.  This inspires openness in employees—and gives them the opportunity to conceptualize change as an opportunity for growth and advancement.

That is a PEOPLE commitment.  That is the game-changer.