Editing Services


Critique Services:

My overall assessment of your manuscript will address plot and character development strengths and weaknesses. I will point out areas where improvement is needed and offer general suggestions. This is an annotated, in-depth look at all your major components. My specialty is fiction, but I do critique nonfiction manuscripts as well, and also have editors who work with me who specialize in nonfiction project development and critiques.

If you are not sure you would like a full manuscript critique, consider having just the first ten to fifty pages critiqued, to get a feel for what type of feedback you will receive.

It’s important to remember that critiques are subjective, and you may not agree with every insight or change suggested. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, it’s your book. The aim of a professional editor is to help you become a better author, and to help you write the best books you can. Many agents and acquisitions editors state that if they see even one typo or grammatical error on the first page, they will toss the submission out. I encourage you, once you have made your necessary changes after reviewing your critique, to have your manuscript carefully edited and proofread. Sure, it costs money to do so, but it will show you are a professional and take your career seriously.

Copy Edit:

If a story is well-structured and the characters are properly motivated, if the writing has a proper balance between showing and telling, it may be time for a manuscript copy edit. This kind of revision looks at words and sentences and paragraphs.

Are there undue repetitions? Has the writer used strong verbs? Overused adverbs? Are speaker attributions clear and necessary? Is there variety in the sentence construction? Are paragraph breaks in appropriate places for the pace of the story? These issues and more are addressed in a manuscript copy edit.

*For a more substantive content edit (Plot issues, POV problems, pacing, conflict/tension, inconsistencies and repetition, etc.) please contact me for current availability and pricing.

**For fiction mentoring (techniques, scene structure, character development, etc.) please contact me for pricing.


Proofreading services can be done as standalone, or as a twofold service: first the copyedit, followed by a proofread (after final changes are made by the author).

  • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors
  • Incorrectly structured sentences
  • Letter, sentence, and paragraph spacing
  • Misspelled words
  • Manuscript formatting
  • Typographical errors

My comments and suggestions in a copy edit or proofread are based on a decade of experience in the publishing industry, as well as years of writing, reading, editing manuscripts, countless classes and workshops. With these services, a professional editor helps point out the industry standards and offers suggestions to tighten the prose in your manuscript. It is then up to you to implement the suggestions given in your copy edit or proofread service.

Once services are contracted, an estimated 50% of payment is due at the start of the editing work. The balance will be due at completion. See my Rates page for more information.

If you’re draft manuscript is ready, fill out the contact form below and let’s get started.