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Writing Services, Editing Services, and Social Media Management

Writing Services

I offer a variety of writing services that help agencies, organizations, and professionals find the right words to tell their story.


Services include; blog writing, advertising copy, proposal writing, technical specs, speeches, print articles, and pretty much any other content services you can think of. There is no word project too big or too small. Check my writing services page for more detail.


Digital Content/ Marketing / Web Development / Social Media

I have been a consultant in both agency and corporate environments providing digital content and marketing direction. I also provide this as a freelance consultant service as needed to agencies, companies, and professionals who are looking to build in-house capabilities.

I also have savvy social media marketing skills that include content strategy, direction & front end web development. I possess a strong ability to work with teams and multi-task projects under tight deadlines in agile environments. And, I’m a mindful and creative person with a great eye for detail and an affinity to integrate tactical, holistic and customer-centric thinking into every marketing decision.

In recent experience, I have provided various agencies, companies & professionals with marketing, digital media, and overall communications strategies, including hands-on development of blog content, campaign execution, front-end web design & development, & various communications services. I have developed and executed overall marketing & communications strategies including content, digital integration, SEO, analytics, advertising (Print, radio PPC), asset design, and social community management objectives.

Brands that I’ve worked with include:

Longo’s, Grocery Gateway, Biore, Jergens, Felix Global, Public Mobile, ENJO, CMHA (York Region) Levitt-Safety, Roltek International, Metroland Media, HWDSB, The Bridal Guide Magazine, Royal LePage, RE/MAX & UCDA.

Lesser known abilities

In addition to the writing, editing, blogging, content management, digital strategy, community management, and social media training that I provide, I’m also able to:
  • walk your dog,
  • buy your groceries,
  • give you massages (PG-rated only, of course, and I don’t touch feet),
  • build you a deck,
  • teach you new cuss words,
  • pour concrete,
  • punch bees (no bees are actually harmed during the punching process),
  • mow your lawn,
  • taste-test meals sent from your enemies,
  • plant your garden,
  • build you a Lego village,
  • change the oil in your car,
  • sing you to sleep (although my fees for that one are particularly steep),
  • alphabetize your canned goods,
  • yell at your children (I’m highly skilled at this),
  • blow up balloons,
  • Internet-stalk client competitors (or your ex’s new partner)
And, I’m also quite gifted with the knock-knock jokes.

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